Multimedia Samples


Jackie Zamora web

Madras football sideline web




Jerron Rhen web.jpg

Wild horse race web

Jared Holliday web

Lynden Harry web

Gabi Smith web.jpg

Gomez-Diaz web

Karson Hartman web.jpg

Bridget Lopez web

Alexxa Martinez WS web

Kianna Moschetti web.jpg

Andres Acuna jump web.jpg




Courtney Frazier barrel race web

Trey Easterling run web.jpg


Jordan Bender pitching web.jpg




Edwin Gutierrez downpour web.jpg

Kanim Smith layup web

Beamer front 1 web


Claire Bender web.jpg

Overtime podcast

After covering Oregon football’s 62-20 loss to Utah in September 2015, I, along with Emerald sports editor Justin Wise and associate editor Kenny Jacoby, discussed the loss and what to expect for the rest of season.

Tide to Go commercial

I edited this video for a team project in a class called “Comedy in Media.” We were asked to create a 30 second comedic advertisement using techniques learned in class. This was the final product:

Why I Live

This video was part of a larger multimedia project chronicling Eugene’s alternative culture. The subject of this video is Wendi Kai, a tattoo artist who took up the profession to support herself and stay connected to painting – her most important passion. I was in charge of editing and interviewing for this video, and also assisted with videography.


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